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SML:  My first degree, and I think the initial passion I had growing up, was for criminal justice. I knew growing up that I always wanted to be in a career where I was able to help people and kind of influence their well being And I think as a young boy and my father was a Smith& Wesson employee, I was around… and I don’t say I was around firearms, but I was around the allure of that and I always felt a strong connection to criminal justice and that was once I finished high school, I went into Holyoke Community College and I got a degree in criminal justice and started working in the prison system and I did that for about seven years or so.

I felt I did well in it, I had a great relationship with the inmates, I just think that in my heart I could better influence people in the community if I re0evaluated my career choice. So that’s when I started thinking about nursing. So that was early 2000s I spent some time in Ireland and I came home with a different kind of connection to humanity. After spending some time abroad, I really realized that I was missing out.  My calling was not in the criminal justice career but it was more in the…. I just felt I could better impact people in health care.

So I decided to apply for nursing school and I applied to Elms College and I was accepted on the spot. ...Read More...

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